One of the most distinctive adult tricycles available, the Mobo Triton 3 wheel recumbent adult tricycle is an impressive entry in the tricycle world with a comfortable recumbent design, high-quality construction with comfort and performance in mind, it is a great option for a casual ride around the neighborhood or for exploring the local bike trails.

You’ve landed on this page for a reason and whether it is looking for a bike for staying fit, a cool ride to get out and about, a vehicle for practical uses, or your primary means of transportation, the Mobo Triton adult recumbent could be a solid choice for your needs!

This recumbent trike is primarily used for exercise, transportation, and recreation (not so much for transporting groceries, cargo, or other errands) and lets you ride really comfortably in your own unique style. It was one of our top overall choices for best adult tricycles.


An outstanding quality tricycle delivered by Mobo, this model has a sturdy build that is designed for your safety and comfort. The 20-inch front wheel and 16-inch back wheels provide a solid foundation for the recumbent frame and give you a comfortable reclined position on the bike. Of course, this is a recumbent trike so has a low-to-the-ground design. If you’re looking for a more traditional upright tricycle, we recommend the Schwinn Meridian.

Holding riders at a maximum weight of up to 250 pounds and heights up to 6’3″ this trike is pretty versatile, but isn’t for big and tall riders who exceed those limits. Because of the configuration, we’d say the height limit is pretty tough to get around, and wouldn’t want to push it much past the recommended maximum.

One of the other highlights of the Mobo (and other recumbents) is that it feels a lot more stable to ride than upright tricycles. In general, one of the top reasons people switch from a bicycle to a tricycle is for the improved stability and removing the need to balance on the bike. However, with upright tricycles, you can still feel a bit top-heavy and unstable sometimes, especially if you are on a road surface that is on a slope (more on the camber of the roadway in the “Things to watch out for” section below). With a recumbent in general, and the Mobo Triton in particular, you are absolutely, 100% stable. At no point will you feel even remotely like you might tip over since it has such a low center of gravity. If you’re really concerned about the balance and stability of the trike during your ride, then the Mobo Triton is a fantastic choice.

The other area of performance that we should mention upfront is the comfort while riding. Although getting on and off of the Mobo Triton is a bit more difficult than with an upright trike, the recumbent riding position puts the least stress on your back, neck, and shoulders of any tricycle option. There’s just no way an upright trike, even with swept back handlebars and a back rest, can compare to the completely reclined riding position of a recumbent three wheel bike.

There are some unique challenges with riding a recumbent tricycle that are important to mention as well. First, you should definitely get a brightly colored safety flag with a long flag pole to attach to your trike so that people can see you. This is especially true if you plan to ride on roadways that have cars since the low profile of the recumbent will make you very difficult for a driver to see.

Features & Specifcations

  • 20-inch front wheel and 16-inch rear wheels
  • Single speed
  • Total weight of trike is 44 pounds
  • Seat height: 12.5-inches
  • Carrying capacity of rider: 250 pounds
  • Height recommendation: 4′ to 6’3″ rider height
  • Available in Blue, Red, Silver, and Orange

Things to Watch out for with the Mobo Triton

A couple of things that you should definitely consider while riding the Mobo Triton are: turn radius, camber of the roadway, and the recumbent riding position. We’ve touched on these issues, but wanted to say a bit more about them so you can make an informed decision.

Since the Mobo Triton is a recumbent tricycle and doesn’t have handlebars, it relies on handles to either side of the rider which you can push and pull to turn the bike and for braking. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, but does require a bit of practice and getting used to! So we think most people will be fine learning how to use it, but the concern does remain that the actual turn radius is quite large. There’s just no way you could make a 90 degree turn on a sidewalk without some sort of assistance. If you’re out on a bike trail that doesn’t have sharp turns, this is no big deal, but if you’re thinking of riding this around in town or somewhere that you’d be on the sidewalk, it might be a problem.

If you are riding on a roadway with a slope to it, you’ll need to get used to the feel of the ride. This is something we try to mention with all adult tricycles since it is a big change from riding a bicycle. When you’re riding a bicycle, if there is a slope to the road or path, you naturally lean a bit to balance yourself out. With a tricycle, it doesn’t work that way because the two rear wheels will both be on the road, giving a bit of a slope to the whole bike. It’s not a big deal (unless there is a really big slope on the road), but definitely requires an adjustment period to get used to the fact that you’re tricycle has a lean to it.

Finally, the recumbent riding position has a lot of advantages. It is more comfortable for your lower back since you are not leaned over at all and have full support of the padded, reclined seat. That said, your head and neck are above the backrest so will not be supported. Some people find this puts a little more strain on their neck. That’s a trade-off that might be great for you (if you have lower back problems) or terrible (if you have neck problems). So, it’s just something to be aware of when making a decision to get a recumbent trike.

Pros of the Mobo Triton 3 Wheel Bike

  • Stability and low center of gravity. This is by far the most stable trike we tested because of its low center of gravity. It’ll be an advantage shared by most recumbent trikes over their upright counterparts since the completely reclined riding position is far more stable than riding in an upright position even with three wheels.
  • Easy assembly. This is one of the easier trikes to assemble because of the design. There are fewer parts that need to be attached and screwed on. Also, having a single speed with no shifters and derailleurs to worry about greatly simplified the assembly process. The instructions and the videos available on the Mobo website were also clear and easy to understand.
  • Easier than expected transport. We were expecting a difficult time fitting the Mobo into an SUV, but it turned out to be one of the easiest trikes to transport. The fact that the main part of the frame can be adjusted way down in size helped, and if you needed to, you could remove that part entirely and split the trike into two pieces for transporting. (It’s not foldable, but it can be put back together in a couple of minutes with just a small wrench.)
  • Light. In addition to being easy to transport for size considerations, the Mobo Triton is one of the lighter trikes we’ve seen at only 44 pounds total weight. This is great for moving it around, and also good for riding up hills, despite the single speed.
  • Reasonably priced. It’s not the cheapest tricycle you can find, but for quality and performance, we think it’s an excellent value.

Cons of the Mobo Triton 3 Wheel Bike

  • Tires wear out quickly. In particular, the rear tires take a lot of wear. Because the weight of the rider is further back, the rear tires take a lot more abuse than in other models, and will wear out quickly. Even upgrading to higher quality tires will only help so much.
  • Safety considerations. It’s a recumbent bike and as such, it is difficult for vehicles to see. Even with a safety flag, we’d feel more comfortable on a bike trail or riding area that is separated from traffic.
  • Single speed. Although the pedaling is not very difficult, even on hills, the single speed is a bit limiting. The single speed that is available is designed to accommodate a variety of terrains, and so on flat paved trails it can feel a bit slow (i.e., there’s very little resistance on that terrain, so you’re not able to get going too fast). This might be an advantage for people really looking for a leisurely pace, but was frustrating to people who wanted to cruise a bit faster.
  • Turning radius. Again, this is due to the geometry of the bike. The turning radius is extremely wide, and there is no “reverse” available so if you’re in a setting without a lot of space, getting the Triton turned around will be challenge. It’s really ideal for roomy bike trails, and not designed to work well on sidewalks or areas where you’ll need to make any 90-degree turns.
  • Only 30-day warranty. As of this writing, the warranty on the Mobo Triton is only 30-days. This is less generous than the 365-day warranty we’d generally expect for a bicycle.


If you’re really looking for a recumbent trike, then this is a great option. There’s also the slightly higher-end Mobo Shift if you want a bit of a speedier option. We think a recumbent trike definitely has a place in the adult tricycle ecosystem as it provides the most stable riding position available and is great for people who live near dedicated bike trails where the safety and turning issues aren’t as big a concern. Highly recommended if you just want to get outside and ride in the most stable and comfortable way possible. Really delightful for cruising about in good weather.

Latest pricing information and color options are available at We also have a lot more adult tricycle reviews that you can take a look at.

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