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Best Adult Tricycles of 2018 – Reviews & Top Picks

Hello and the Warmest Welcome to Our Valued Readers of the Best Adult Tricycle Reviews Buying Guide! Finding the Best Adult Tricycle that perfectly meets your standards is quite a challenging endeavor with the overwhelming choices you are free to make, especially if this is your first ever trike. We aim to help you make the right decision and get the best model you absolutely deserve.

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Introduction on Getting the Best Adult Tricycle

In this Best Adult Tricycle Reviews, the top models from reliable brands have been handpicked just for you. Trikes have varied wheel sizes, styles and designs, built-in features and there’s the folding type among many other things to consider. Today is your lucky day since you’ve come across a useful information on the best trike you can get for yourself or a loved one.

We highly recommend the Schwinn Meridian single speed for beginners and first time buyers. On the other hand, we present the Kent Bayside to cyclists and enthusiasts where you’ll surely be delighted with your trike’s mechanism and performance.

Reviews of the Best Adult Tricycles – Our Top Picks

To tell you the truth, there’s not a single best trike for everybody, but there’s one adult tricycle for each individual. It doesn’t matter whether you are young and avid cyclist, or in the prime of your life wanting to try something new, you are bound to find one among our top performers and best sellers to declare as the sole winner!

How come, you ask? The answer lies with you alone, as to which model fits your needs depending on your preferences, and how you intend to use your precious trike.

Read on the following best adult tricycles reviews take your pick!

Westport Adult Folding Tricycle

Kent International’s trike offering is perfect Westport Adult Folding Tricyclefor either the kid or the kid inside grown-ups!

The three-wheeled craftsmanship makes it super easy for the newbie to acquaint himself in just a few minutes and start cruising confidently around town.

Its 20-inch wheels provide great stability and makes the trike nearly impervious to toppling.


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This tricycle has some nifty features, such as:

  • Comfortability with the fully-adjustable handlebars, wide seating spaces in a padded cushion, and a suspension fork to soften road bumps and obstacles for a smooth ride.
  • This proves to be one of the top trikes to have since its advanced mechanism allows you to fold it up for easy storage, hence taking less space in the room or the garage.
  • Tough and durable with a superb steel frame that can take a beating and keep on ticking.

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Schwinn Meridian 26-Inch Tricycle

Schwinn Meridian 26-Inch Adult TricycleThe Schwinn is a stunning looker of a trike that will sure to attract the gazes of people all around you! The single-speed function in a three-wheeled bicycle makes for an easy and super stable ride each and every time.

The mudguards are a nice touch and they keep you from staining your back with dirty water and loose gravel.

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The folding basket can be brought along when having a leisurely picnic or while shopping for groceries at your local store.

The tricycle also has standout features like:

  • A thick-padded cruiser saddle that you can sink your bottom to without worrying about sacrificing comfort for enjoyment.
  • 26 inch wheels are among the biggest in the market today and they provide unsurpassed stability during rides and standing still.
  • Lightweight aluminum body that is both strong and convenient, and smooth-riding tires makes you feel like you are hovering instead of touching the ground.

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Schwinn Meridian 24-Inch Tricycle

Schwinn Meridian 24-Inch Adult TricycleLooking for a starter bike to begin a new exercise routine, but don’t know what to buy?

The Schwinn 24-Inch trike has a super low stand melded onto a sleek aluminum frame so you can easily mount it without straining your back.



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Last but not the least, the extra-large folding basket located in the rear will make storage a quick snap!

Here are some more notable features:

  • Designed especially for cruising, as can be seen from its swept-back handlebars and full-wrap fenders.
  • The smaller frame and wheels are great for the petite rider who still wants to have fun pedaling an adult trike.
  • Seating is excellent due to the large and extra comfy springer seat equipped with a quick-release adjustment. Customizing your ride is easy, making the Schwinn 24-Inch trike a perfect fit.

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Schwinn Hampton 26-Inch Tricycle

Schwinn Hampton 26-Inch Adult TrikeSome riders are born tall and have arms that reach farther than normal.

Schwinn has created the special 16-Inch frame to accommodate the plus-sized adult and provide the same level of exceptional quality that is in each Schwinn product!


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The cyclist will never feel too big for this trike because the 26-Inch wheels more than make up for it. The same safety features apply, and the rear basket is great for storage and putting in the occasional produce from the market.

Its winning features are:

  • The 16-Inch Frame fits any person that wishes to cruise around the neighborhood.
  • An unlimited adjustment for seat height that also guarantees a perfect ride height.
  • 26-Inch wheels are the smoothest and the most stable wheels that can ever come with a three-wheeled adult trike.

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Kent Bayside Adult Tricycle

Flashy style, the accessibility and Kent Bayside Adult Tricyclesafety of three-wheelers are combined and given definite shape in the form of the Kent Bayside adult trike.

Zoom around town like an expert and utilize the stopping force of both rear and forward hand brakes connected to a highly effective rear drum brake.


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This three-wheeled wonder is not for the faint of heart, as underneath the proverbial hood are features that any speed cycler will love:

  • Got a bad back? That’s fine, because this Bayside trike has lumbar back support to help you cycle along without a hitch even in the presence of back problems.
  • A Shimano Revo Twist Shifters and a revolutionary forward pedal design caters to those who love a little speed in their trikes.
  • Extra-strength, high-tensile steel frame construction and alloy hubs and rims are tough and resistant to regular bumps and road obstacles.

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Torker TriStar Adult Trike 2.1

Torker TriStar Adult Trike 2.1Take some time to gaze admiringly at the Torker 2.1 Adult trike, and try not to blush whenever people are magnetically attracted to your magnificent ride!

Cyclists will not only enjoy the aesthetic values, but will come to respect this reliable cycler that is equipped with locking brake levers, a 3-speed gearing and a Pro Palm handlebar grip.

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A trademark saddle with a bolt-type mechanism handles the seating comfort.

Peruse the other key features of this adult trike:

  • 24-Inch front wheels and 20-Inch rear wheels are a very unique facet that provide more stability than one sized wheels.
  • Fantastic speed and sense of riding is achieved with the 3-speed factor, courtesy of Sturmey Archer 3 Speed internal gearing coupled with twist shifter.
  • The oversized tubular fork adds a nice touch to lending safety and overall wellness in build and design.

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What You Have To Know Before Buying an Adult Tricycle

A trike is a three wheeled vehicle just like a bicycle. What else is there to know? That there is the so-called adult bicycle! Here’s what you truly need to know prior to buying one, which are also the same characteristics of the best adult tricycles you can ever find:

Best Adult Trike Features
Slowly But Surely
Ease of Use, and Heavy Use!
Storage and Maintenance


The Best Adult Tricycles are those which are popular and mainly recognized by beginner cyclists and experts alike for good reasons. Sure enough, you have your own preferences, and this is why it’s best to read more about the trikes that appeal to you most. Do comparisons as you read further on those that you feel would be perfect, or may have been eyeing for some time. The highlights and main features have been provided for in this Best Adult Tricycles Reviews, but there’s more to learn from each model’s full review.

 Once you have found out everything you need to know, then you can come up with an informed decision of acquiring a model that’s tailored to meet your requirements of an ideal tricycle. Nothing beats the great satisfaction of getting downright what you want once you receive your very own, and simply the best adult tricycle! Well, nothing but the sublime happiness of riding it and breathing in the soft, windy breeze as you cruise around and your trike takes you wherever you wish. 



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