With fat tires for any terrain, a covered cargo hold that can carry up to 100 pounds of gear, and a 750-Watt electric motor the AddMotor Motan M-350 Electric Tricycle lives up to the “Heavy-Duty” in its name. In addition to the robust rear storage, there is a convenient front storage area, a 5-inch LCD display to keep you informed of your battery status, water-resistance wiring and connections throughout, and a comfortable padded seat with backrest. This trike is designed to handle any situation and is a really fun vehicle to take out. We do caution that this is a serious trike for enthusiasts and it probably helps to have some riding experience before taking this on. It’s a powerful vehicle and an inexperienced rider on rough terrain could easily injure themselves.

The M-350 is the latest model electric tricycle from AddMotor and is a pretty big upgrade on some of its predecessors that were a bit smaller and not quite as sleek. They’ve also improved the overall design and quality of the construction to make it a bit more robust so that it can stand up to trips to the beach or other more serious off-road uses. The fat tire wheels (there’s a 24-inch wheel upfront and two 20-inch wheels in the rear) are fantastic and at 4-inches wide will easily deal with potholes or other obstacles and provide great traction and smooth ride in almost any situation. Okay, let’s get into the specifics of this adult electric trike!


This is a serious electric tricycle and requires some experience to ride. If you just want to get out for a leisurely Sunday ride on a bike trail, we’d recommend looking for something a bit more relaxed.

The first thing to notice about riding this trike is how smooth and cushioned the ride is. In addition to the big 4-inch wide fat tires, there is a heavy-duty front suspension fork that provides 80mm of travel. In addition to both of those, the seat itself has a suspension that allows an additional 30mm of travel. This combination of cushy tires, a big front suspension fork, and seat-level suspension means that the ride feels really, really smooth and could easily handle gravel or other somewhat rougher terrain. Riding this feels like riding a vehicle much more than a tricycle. That may or may not be what you’re looking for, so it’s worth keeping in mind.

Overall, this is a comfortable ride and a very approachable tricycle with a step-through frame and a stand-over height of only 22-inches. This makes standing over the bike with both feet on the ground quite easy which makes it a bit easier to get on and off, and to make minor adjustments to the seat and positioning of the LCD screen and other small items. Of course, this is a tricycle so balancing while stopped is easy as well.

Okay, now the thing to really keep in mind, and why we’ve tried said a couple of times that this trike is not for beginners. This thing can really move! The 750-watt motor is powerful, and on a trike you absolutely feel it. One of the places new tricycle riders go wrong is that they get lulled into a false sense of security because the trike is very stable (three wheels!) at low speeds. However, once you add a decent amount of speed to the equation, particularly if you are off-road and adding hills, rocks, and other terrain in as well, those rear wheels will absolutely pop up on you and can tip you over.

This really has to do with the geometry of a tricycle versus a bicycle. On a bicycle, if you are on uneven terrain, or on a riding surface that has a slope to it, you naturally lean the other direction to compensate for that slope. So, the whole bike is leaned against the slope and it feels stable to you. On a tricycle, you can’t do that. No matter how much you lean against the slope, the rear wheels of the trike follow that sloped plane and so the whole trike takes on that tilted angle. This is how they ride and is enforced by the geometry of three wheels. Three points form a plane, and the plane of the bike is going to be parallel to the plane of the riding surface. Until you are accustomed to this, it feels weird, and on a normal adult tricycle that’s no big deal because you are going slow and the bike isn’t as heavy as something like the M-350 so you adjust. We don’t think it would be ideal to be learning and adjusting with a 750-Watt motor powering you along at 20+ mph! So, yeah, be careful and take the time to learn to ride this thing before going full throttle.

Features and Specifications

  • 750-Watt front-mounted geared hub motor that can achieve 22mph maximum speed with the trike
  • 16 Amp-hour, 48 Volt Panasonic lithium-ion battery in a removable pack
  • 5-Inch backlit LCD display (grayscale) with USB Type-A port
  • Provides 55-65 miles of power at level 1 assist
  • Standard 2.5A smart charger with a full charge time of 6-7 hours
  • Variable speed control throttle
  • Aluminum allow frame, quick release 30cm seat post
  • Total tricycle weight (with motor and battery) of 83 pounds
  • Geometry: 22″ stand over height, 30″ wide, 68.5″ long
  • MTD Ride For Spring Suspension on front with 80mm travel
  • 7-Speed Shimano Altus Derailleur and Shimano SIS Index Thumb shifter
  • 24-inch front wheel and 20-inch rear wheels, all wheels are fat tire 4-inch wide
  • Integrated headlight using main battery, independent tail lights using 2 AA batteries
  • Removable rear basket is 17.5″ x 14″ x 8″ with vinyl liner (pictured below)

Pros of the AddMotor Motan M-350 Electric Tricycle

  • Well thought out design. A number of nice design features of this trike make it pretty user-friendly. There is a double-sided plastic chain guard to keep the chain from popping off and keeps pants from getting caught up in the chain. It’s approachable with a low step-through and only a 22-inch stand over height to make it comfortable to get on and off.
  • Well-balanced. Even though the Motan weighs in at 83 pounds, it is very stable when stopped and at low speeds and the placement of the motor and battery help with this stability.
  • Plenty of cargo capacity. Rated to carry up to 100 pounds of cargo, and equipped with a vinyl covered rear cargo basket and a smaller front cargo basket, there is plenty of space and capacity to carry around a lot of gear if you need to.
  • Motor inhibitors connected to brake levers. This ensures that power to the motor gets cut when you depress the brake levers to help minimize stopping distance. This is definitely important on a trike with a powerful motor and the ability to carry a lot of weight like the Motan.
  • Half grip twist throttle. This allows you to adjust the power to the wheels and really stay in complete control of how much pedal assist is actually assisting. Honestly, you could ride this thing like you ride a moped and not pedal at all if you were so inclined.
  • Adjustable seat stem. The stem has both an adjustable angle and can be raised and lowered to adjust the riding position to something that you find most comfortable.
  • Headlamp and tail lights. The integrated headlamp runs off the main battery and is controlled via the 5-inch LCD display panel that includes the operating status of the trike’s components. This is a high visibility headlamp and has a beam pattern that other vehicles and pedestrians will have no trouble seeing.
  • Fat tires. Really great traction from the fat tires. In addition to the traction, the fat tires are quite squishy which provides a lot of shock absorption and leads to a more comfortable ride.
  • Front and seat suspension. There is a front suspension fork with 80mm of travel and a seat post suspension with 30mm of travel. These along with the fat tires absorb shocks pretty well. Definitely one of the most shock-absorbing trikes we’ve come across.
  • Locking removable battery. The battery is removable which can make it easier to charge, especially if you need to leave the bike outdoors and charge indoors. It locks into place on the frame so that it’s secure when riding. It is also positioned with the charging port on the top of the battery, so it’s pretty easy to charge the trike without actually removing the battery if you want to do it that way.

Cons of the AddMotor Motan M-350 Electric Tricycle

  • Mechanical brake levers. These generally aren’t as effective or adjustable as hydraulic brake levers. This is particularly noticeable if you have especially small or especially large hands and need the greater flexibility of adjusting the levers.
  • Headlamp is unsuspended. The headlamp is attached directly to the arch and therefore isn’t above the suspension fork. This means that it’s going to bounce around a lot while you’re riding, so the coverage the light provides is a little unsteady if you’re on uneven terrain.
  • Tail lights are not integrated. These run off 2 AA batteries and you need to remember to turn them on and off when you need them. This is a bit of problem since it’s easy to forget to turn them on if it gets dark while you’re still out riding, and it’s definitely easy to forget to turn them off at the end of the ride and kill your batteries.
  • Small delay in pedal assist sensor. There is a sensor that detects the cadence of your pedaling and adjusts the power assist accordingly. Unfortunately, there is about 1 second delay between when you adjust your pedaling and when the sensor picks up that change and adjusts the power. This can make it feel like you are fighting the trike some of the time.


This is a high-end, heavy-duty electric tricycle for real enthusiasts. It’s equipped with a great setup, fat tires, a powerful electric motor, and some nice bells and whistles. We definitely recommend it for more experienced riders that are looking to upgrade their electric tricycle game.

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