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Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike Review

Even though not nearly as popular as the Schwinn Meridian models, the Raleigh Tristar Tricycle does not fail to impress as it's designed for safety and comfort making it perfect for a casual jaunt around the neighborhood or exploring the local farmers market.

Picture of the Raleigh Bikes Three Speed Tristar

You landed on this page for a reason, and whether it is looking for a bike for staying fit, a cool ride to board with your pooch, a vehicle for personal and practical use, or your primary means of traveling, the Raleigh TriStar Adult Trike is indeed the best choice!

This tricycle is primarily used for exercise, shopping, transportation, and recreation where you can ride as comfortably you possibly can in your own unique style.


An outstanding quality tricycle delivered by Raleigh, this model has a sturdy build that is designed for your safety and comfort. The 24-Inch front wheel and 20-Inch alloy rim rear tires set upon the 16-inch frame altogether make the perfect combination.

The weight of a rider it can hold is not bad at a maximum of 300 lbs. Its stability makes the Tristar a good choice for people of all ages, especially those presented with the tough challenge of maintaining balance with on two-wheeled types. The outsized tubular fork of the steel frame and step through style allow for better access and enhance the trike’s overall performance.

Equipped with locking brake levers for a safer halt, front lever, full-length chainguard, and Pro Palm handlebar grip, you get one good well-made tricycle. It is definitely better for people who are not satisfied with just a single speed. The 3-speed gearing is all you’ll ever need as you ride seated on the wide, comfortable saddle with thick padding.

The capability to both ride and carry your things with ease is one of the major benefits of a trike, and the Raleigh Tristar 3-speed is equipped with a roomy cargo rear metal basket for this purpose. You can haul groceries, your picnic lunch, pots and plants, office supplies, on one real workhorse of a tricycle without worrying about anything being toppled over. Designed to handle loads up to 45 pounds, the cargo feature should suit most needs.


  • Impressive speed for a 24 x 20 trike with the 3-speed Sturmey Archer internal gearing packed with twist shifter.
  • The trike is smaller than other models, which makes it easier to squeeze through narrow doors and streets.
  • Surprisingly easy to assemble, given you will have to work with varied wheels.
  • Those who have brought this trike attest to the courteous and excellent service they received from the supplier, which is what matters most to some people.


  • It can yield steering nuances since riding a tricycle lets you feel the pull of gravity, but just slightly and is mostly noticeable only if you’re used to riding on two-wheels.
  • It is heavy, as what you can normally expect from a trike which is a sign of durability, unless the frame is built with other material.


The good-looking Raleigh TriStar 3-speed Adult Trike is perfect for exploring the neighborhood and strolling around on any day. This robust tricycle provides you with an awesome leisure time while you get to fulfill your goals, such as losing weight, and accomplish duties such as delivering various items at the end of the day!

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