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Radio Flyer Classic Dual Deck Tricycle For Kids Review

Review Overview

Design - 100%
Comfort - 80%
Durability - 100%
Mobility - 95%
Value For The Money - 100%



The sturdy steel design and rubber tires make this tricycle durable and easy to ride Chrome bell and handle tassels are fun and stylish. An absolute must buy for your child!

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It’s almost every child’s dream to have his or her own bicycle, but sad to say, not every kid gets to hop on and ride as they imagined. They could become frustrated upon trying to move where they wish to go, or can even have their first boo-boo that just ruins everything!

Well, you as a parent are empowered in preventing such circumstances. An award-winning trike that garnered the Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Award, the Parents Choice Classic Award, The National Parenting Centers Seal of Approval, the Radio Flyer Classic Dual Deck Tricycle is definitely the best for your child!


The Classic Dual Deck is a tricycle built with a big 31cm rubber wheel in front that’s designed for steering while the 2 wheels at the back are much smaller. The 2 rear rubber wheels measure 7 inches that support the 12-inch front wheel.

This overall build makes it very easy to mount for a child, which your son or daughter will surely love to do as soon as they see the bright red beauty of this trike! They can even do so with the double-deck step-in back and climb on to their new favorite toy.

Primarily, it is able to give a child the sense of security they need, especially by first timers to try out. This tricycle weighs 17.64 pounds and can carry a maximum weight of 49 pounds. Their arms are properly positioned with the innovative form of the handlebars. Parents can delight in the peace of mind it brings since their kid will be holding on with a good grip given its fun tassels on the side of the handles! They can tinker with the bell and completely enjoy their new trike without being put at the risk of falling with a 3-wheeled vehicle.

Young ones can learn right away with the pedal that’s easily within reach and with the trike’s controlled turning radius feature. It holds a low center of gravity which makes it easy for your li’l boy or girl to ride.

The seat to pedal distance is at 16″ and 16.5″ while the seat to handle distance measures 16.5″ and 16.75 Kids will gain confidence with the security it gives, and can quickly get used to riding their trike. The Classic Red Dual Tricycle is sturdy with all the high-quality materials used, and bound to last long as it continues to be your child’s awesome ride as he or she matures!


  • Solid steel and very stylish shiny chrome handlebars as well as the fender
  • Durable overall craftsmanship
  • Made with an adjustable seat for customization
  • Controlled turning radius for enhanced stability during the entire ride
  • A most loved bike that will grow with your child which is suitable from 2 up to 5 years of age
  • Streamers and chrome bell that complements the attractive red trike sure make cycling a lot more fun!


  • Little tots younger than two or those small for this age may not be able to reach the pedals yet.
  • The trike, like any other bike or trike, must be maintained to stay rust-free and remain lustrous with its classic beauty.


This kiddie trike is created by Radio Flyer, a trusted brand that has existed way back in 1917, rendering constant innovations over time. They have managed to produce a classic look and nostalgic feel in this adorable cherry-red creation of the Radio Flyer Classic Dual Deck Tricycle. They’ve made it available for today’s generation, touching the lives of countless children with great memories to keep for life!

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