Home Tricycle Reviews Komodo Cycling 24″ 6-Speed Adult Tricycle Review

Komodo Cycling 24″ 6-Speed Adult Tricycle Review

Komodo Cycling 24″ 6-Speed Adult Tricycle Review

Review Overview

Design - 89%
Comfort - 65%
Durability - 65%
Mobility - 92%
Value For The Money - 80%



Overall for just $400 the Komodo Cycling 6-Speed is a decent buy, especially for those in hilly areas.

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Bicycling is an activity that benefits both mind and body. It improves mobility and enhances overall coordination, while the relaxation it brings renders you in a calmer, better state of mind. What if it can carry your things as well, eliminate the need to maintain balance, and arrive with an extra wheel? Life is made even better with more benefits gained from the Komodo Cycling 24″ 6-Speed Tricycle!


The 24″ wheels of the Komodo 24-Inch 6-Speed Tricycle give the impression that you’re one serious cyclist and a cool dude or dudette. The Komodo quality standards deliver models built with 6-speed gears to help those who are cycling over more hills. The 16-inch aluminum frame is the ideal size, making it easily accessible with its super low stand over style. The step-through design makes mounting on and off your trike absolutely trouble-free.

Its swept back handlebars are complemented with full wrap fenders designed to provide extreme comfort. Imagine yourself seated on a large springer saddle built with quick release adjustment to set your desired height, made for cruisin’ to your heart’s desire! A proportionate bike frame and seat setting allow for efficient pedaling movement that produces ample leg power. At the same time, it works to protect your knees and joints from unnecessary strain. Once you’re all set for your trip, the 26-inch alloy wheels pave the way to a smooth, pleasurable ride.

The large rear basket, a feature very similar to the Schwinn Meridian Tricycles, serves as a handy storage. The 6-speed gearing on the Komodo trike not only helps with hills, but can be handy if you’re heading home with heavy cargo or supplies. Going grocery shopping is turned from a chore into something to look forward to, since you have your helpful trike to accompany you.

This vehicle is one good delivery trike, where all supplies, tools, or containers sit tight until you get them safely where they must be. If you have a dog who wants to tag along, you can simply let your pet hop on and have a blast enjoying the outdoors!


  • Cruise in style and remain comfortable wherever you go.
  • Reduced risk of falling off not only for children and seniors, but the safety of all cyclists is ensured by this stable tricycle.
  • Available in several different colors for those who want a bolder look.
  • Comes at an affordable price, but is highly valuable when given as a gift to others or for yourself!


  • 6-speed may not be for everyone since it requires a little more maintenance and assembly work.
  • Assembly can take some time, and attention to back fenders must observed during the process to avoid these parts from rubbing the tires.


The Komodo Cycling 24-Inch 6-speed Adult Tricycle gives everyone, whatever age group you belong to and whatever profession you have, the opportunity to fully enjoy riding outdoors. You will reap the goodness of riding a bike without compromising your safety, nor ending up with unwanted pain in any part of the body. A trike is an innovation designed to make life easier, and you won’t realize just how much if you miss it!

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