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Kent Alameda Adult Tricycle Review

The Alameda 26" Wheel Adult Tricycle will get you mobile in style, being constructed of high tensile steel for superior strength make it a very high quality tricycle.

Kent Alameda Adult Tricycle, Blue 26-Inch

Riding a bike is beneficial to the body as an enjoyable physical activity that gets you in shape, and the freedom to slice through the wind and marvel at the beauty of nature is unbeatable! It gives you a way to help save the environment too by using it as a means of transportation, but you just can’t ride a bike conveniently with loads of stuff to carry around.

Being unable to handle your things can be a hindrance from getting onto your favorite bike, and there’s no other solution that can eliminate this problem except for a trike such as the Kent Alameda 26-Inch Adult Tricycle.


This is one trike which won’t make you feel that it’s too big nor too small for you with its perfect 26-inch wheels. You won’t be missing out on any of a normal bike’s features. You would actually gain more with the Kent Alameda when compared to a bike – a cargo function, traditional classy look, comfy seat, and of course, a third wheel which lets you break-free from efforts of struggling to maintain balance!

The Kent Alameda is ideal even for busy people since you can easily fit exercising in daily routine. Any pain is minimized as it has a seat customized for lumbar back support. The forward pedal design gives the trike an edge to energetic bikers who will unleash the utmost potential of their efforts, and enable them to achieve an on and off height position with ease. The front and rear drum brakes make the rider feel secure with a safe trip.

It can be regarded as a great asset for carrying tools and various supplies and personal belongings since it has a large rear basket big enough to load all sorts of things. The alloy rims and hubs amidst the 26-inch tires glide smoothly as you ride. Most importantly, it lets you experience life’s simple joys as you travel outdoors in style and appreciate the world around you. Beautiful!


  • Exhibits high durability with its steel frame that holds superior strength.
  • No skills required, everyone can ride this trike.
  • Ride it anywhere in your community, at the park, from home to work, when doing errands, or be like a celebrity and have the time of your life even for those in their prime years.
  • Promotes an active, healthier lifestyle as you incorporate biking into daily activities.


Some people find riding an adult tricycle a bit off with a weird pulling sensation. However, the tendency to pull towards the chain side of the trike is simply the effect of being led to where gravity wants it to. Others prefer to let an experienced bike mechanic to adjust the rear axle, pertaining to the two bolts found in the middle of the tire and axle for better handling.


If you’re brimming with energy and such an adventurous person who typically rides with many stops planned along their journey, the Kent Alameda 26-Inch Adult Tricycle is exactly what you need. If you find riding a car a hassle and would want to contribute in your own way to saving the planet, then this trike is for you.

If you’re looking for ultra comfort for long and lazy, cozy rides, it’s just the right trike! Perfect in almost every aspect, you can never go wrong with it.

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