How to Shop for Your First Adult Three-Wheel Bike

If you thought your bike riding days were done, think again. You can buy a three-wheel bike for adults in order to stay in shape and keep active. Here’s your guide to buying your first adult tricycle.

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Remember the excitement you had when you first learned to ride a bike? Advancing from training wheels to a big-kid bike was one of the biggest milestones of childhood. You know, next to completing the monkey bars and being really good at hopscotch.

As an adult, though, riding a bike with extra wheels means something entirely different. To transition from a standard bike with two wheels to a three-wheel bike is a means to maintain your activeness or to boost it even further.

three-wheel bike allows you to get around on your own, keep exercising, and enjoy life to the fullest. It helps you work through the challenges of aging without losing your fun, child-like spirit.

You have to get the best bike for you in order to reap all the benefits, though. Use the following guide to help you find the ideal adult three-wheel bike.

Understand the Different Styles Available

Maybe a few of your friends have their own adult three-wheel bikes already or you’ve just become curious about them by passing some on the street. No matter how cool-looking or eye-catching the various models are, though, you have to understand the real differences between them in order to make the best choice.

Here are some popular styles of three-wheel bikes.

The Traditional Adult Tricycle

A traditional adult tricycle is easy to identify. It comes with a lowered frame which makes it easy to step from one side of the bike to the other as you get on and off.

The seat has support for the back and the handles are adjusted for an easy, comfortable reach and grip. The seat is also placed low enough to sit comfortably but also to put your feet on the ground whenever you’re stopped.

The Electric Tricycle

An electric tricycle is arguably the most similar model to a traditional tricycle. However, the seat on this bike doesn’t have a support – it’s more like a standard bike seat.

The good news is you’re able to transition between peddling on your own or letting the bike do the work. You can turn on the bike to get you around or keep it off in order to enjoy a nice cruise powered by your efforts.

The Folding Tricycle

What if you know you want a tricycle, but you aren’t sure where to store it? Get a folding tricycle. This bike feels like a standard tricycle but it can be manipulated to be smaller and more compact when you’re not using it.

Such a design allows easy transportation when you go on a road trip or if you want to take a ride in a nearby park. Not to mention, it won’t be in the way when you store it at home.

The Chopper Tricycle

Up next is the chopper tricycle. This model is sleeker and a little more casual and, like the model mentioned above, it also comes in handy if storage is an issue.

This is an ideal first three-wheel bike if you’re just starting to feel the effects of aging. This style allows you to take better care of your body while still keeping you young, fun, and totally active.

The Fun Cycle

Speaking of staying active, if that’s the main reason you want a new bike, opt for a fun cycle. Fun cycles sit low to the ground in a reclined position. Make no mistake about the level of comfort they provide, though, these are meant for hard work.

Fun cycles are the best replacement bike for people who love to take long rides around town or used to do mountain biking or trail riding. This allows you to keep biking as your main workout, but in a way that’s better for your body. This works your legs, core, and arms, considering you steer it with your body instead of by using handles.

Consider the Main Use of Your Three-Wheel Bike

Having trouble deciding which bike is best for you? Consider what makes you want a three-wheel bike in the first place. It’s much different to buy a bike for athletic purposes than it is to buy one for getting around the neighborhood.

The former would be more of a chopper tricycle or fun cycle, while the latter purpose could lead you to invest in a traditional or electric tricycle. There’s also the option of interchanging between long rides and casual trips. Not to mention, if this is something you want for your main house and your beach house, a folding tricycle may be best.

See How a Few Bikes Feel

Just when you think you’ve found the best adult three-wheel bike for you, make sure you take your top few choices for a test ride. This allows you to get a good feel for the bike.

Beyond all the different styles available, you have to consider the various manufacturers. Every provider has a unique approach to how they make a bike. Some seats will be more comfortable than others while the placement of the handlebars will vary a bit, too.

These may seem like minor details, but they make a big difference. The more you pay attention to such variations, the better your overall experience with your new bike will be.

Choose Your Bike and Start Enjoying It!

Once you’ve done all the research between each bike and taken a few for a test ride, it’s time to make your purchase and get out there! Be sure to take your time during the buying process.

This allows you to make a well-educated decision rather than buying a bike on a whim. The last thing you want to do is buy the very first adult three-wheel bike you see, only to realize a few months later that you don’t like it as much as you thought you would. This could make you start the buying process all over again.

Get it right the first time. To start your search for a new bike, check out our reviews of the best three-wheel bikes on the market.

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