The mission of this website is simple: to help our readers research and find the best adult tricycle for their needs and budget. To make sure that we can help you find the best new adult tricycles, we do our own research online, go to stores, order test products, take pictures, put clothing and bedding through hundreds of wash cycles. The list goes on.

We put a lot of work into making this the best adult tricycle website on the internet.

That said, running this website isn’t cheap. Since we don’t accept free products, we actually need to buy things to test out. We also need to pay for hosting, etc. We even need to pay for lawyers if big companies get mad at us for not rating them the best. To support all of this, contains affiliate links. This just means that if you buy something after clicking one of our links then gets a small commission at absolutely no cost to you.

Some other disclosure statements:

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