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Who We Are

Adult Tricycles Pro hopes to promote wellness, health, and outdoor activities for people of all ages by letting people know about adult tricycles through unbiased reviews, advices, and other resources that can help people get outside, get active, and get in shape. Working with major bicycle and tricycle brands in markets in the United States and Canada including Schwinn, Mobo Cruiser, Raleigh Bikes, and others we have a large collection of information on reviews left by customers and their experiences (more than 100,000 customer reviews from multiple sources), Adult Tricycles Pro aims to empower consumers to make the best possible decision regarding purchase of a new adult tricycle.

If you are interested in learning more about our the integrity of our editorial process and our research process please take a look at our research methodology and our disclosure statement.

Meet the Team

Mike Bravetti – Writer and Founder

Mike Bravetti graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 2000 with a bachelors degree in mathematics and spent the next 10 years climbing and riding bikes in Colorado. He’s worked as a bike mechanic and salesman, as well as holding jobs in the service industry. In 2015 he decided a great way to give back to the cycling community and to help people who had trouble riding traditional bicycles, was to create a website to provide information on all sorts of adult tricycles (electric, tadpole, upright, recumbent, etc).

Mike still lives and works in Boulder, Colorado. This provides a great environment in which to test out adult tricycles in all sort of conditions. There are miles of wide, paved trails, hills and mountains, off-road bike paths, as well as unexpected afternoon rainstorms to test out how the trikes faired in mud and water.


Below are some of the people who have helped make this website possible. They cover a range of skills and have contributed to the site in various ways: writing, technical assistance, bicycle experts, mechanics, and photography. They’ve been an integral part of creating the website and keeping it filled with the latest and best content available on adult tricycles, so we wanted to take this moment to indicate our appreciation.

Randall Johsnon – Writer

Randall has been writing about outdoor adventures in general and off-road biking on various websites for over 12 years since he started writing for sites such as and Wikihow. With many years producing great content under his belt, often for sites that didn’t seem to appreciate it, Randall sought out writing jobs for more narrowly focused and smaller websites. He then partnered with Mike to start testing and reviewing some of the adult tricycle related content on Adult Tricycles Pro, helping to collect reviews from customers at various online stores and with collecting data from across the whole range of tricycle products. This included the traditional upright tricycles along with recumbents, electrics, and tadpole designs. Between all of these different products and reviews, Randall has probably read and analyzed well over 100,000 user reviews to help determine what the major issues with each trike were and which items to watch out for when a manufacturer released a new model. From all of this hard work, Randall helps create the rankings that drive our recommendations!

Jeffrey Whitehead – Technical Consultant

Originally from Lubbock, Texas, Jeffrey found himself loving life in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado after a long and winding path through every odd job you can imagine. Taking some boot camp style intensive programming and web development programs, Jeffrey now works as independent consultant helping smaller websites like Adult Tricycles Pro realize their goals of creating successful and user-friendly websites. He is also excited about the Adult Tricycles Pro mission since working in front of a computer all day, every day has made the need to get out and get some exercise all the more pressing. Trying out new forms of outdoor activities such as adult tricycles and various other cycling options has given Jeffrey a first-hand look at the need for quality cycling guides to help people make solid choices for purchasing their exercise equipment.

Sasha Crowley – Marketing Consultant

Sasha Crowley is a native of Toronto who moved to Rhode Island for university. With a passion for cycling, she worked in marketing at several major sports equipment manufacturers and shoe companies before moving over to positions in marketing. She began doing research on the best outdoor exercises and activities for seniors and people with knee and hip problems when she found herself recovering from a serious knee injury and needing to find the best low-impact ways to get in a good workout. She helps us here at Adult Tricycles Pro with our research and figuring out the best ways to present our findings to a wider audience. She also helps us keep tabs on new products that existing manufacturers are introducing as well as features that are showing up in the marketplace. Lastly, she helps us sift through all the claims that manufacturers make about their products to help us determine which claims are legit and which are a bit of puffery.

Connor Smith – Photo Editing & Graphic Design

Connor comes to Adult Tricycles Pro from the warm and sunny state of Florida, and works with a large number of different websites to help them produce visual content as well as informational graphics and also with editing their photos to make them web friendly and as visually appealing as possible. Having great visual content is critical for any publication, and helps us to achieve our mission of educating readers about the more technical aspects of adult tricycles. Connor is a big promoter of exercise and healthy-living, believing it is one of the keys to longevity and happiness. Working with Adult Tricycles Pro to convey critical information about riding tricycles and bicycles for older adults has been a great benefit to both Connor and the Adult Tricycles Pro readers who arrive at our site looking to learn more about how they can stay fit.

A Bit More About Our Adult Tricycle Research

A solid exercise regime is not to be underestimated. In the end, it impacts your happiness, quality of life, and health on an every day basis. Here at Adult Tricycles Pro, our goal is to aid you in making better informed decisions about which adult tricycles are the best fit for your needs and experience with riding. Whether you are researching electric tricycles, recumbent trikes, or traditional upright adult tricycles, we have taken a look and reviewed all of the top products in each category. Let us give you a helping hand to achieve your exercise, health, and weight loss goals through all of the information we’ve put together on the site. Through reviews on various adult tricycles we can help you to get outside and get healthy.

Caring about people’s health and happiness is part of our mission here at Adult Tricycles Pro. Biking in general, and tricycling in particular, is all about getting people outside to enjoy nature in a healthy and fun way. Tricycles for adults are a great option for anyone that wants a more relaxed option since you can move at your own pace, don’t have to worry about falling over, and can carry along a lot of extra gear if you’re interested in going for a picnic or just using your tricycle for everyday errands. This really helps people to integrate a bit of exercise into their everyday routine instead of needing to make a special effort. If exercising is as natural and routine as going to the grocery store, then you’ll do it more often than some once a month thing that requires a real mental effort.

Our goal here is to be the top source on the internet for adult tricycles, one of the easiest and best ways for everyone to get outside. Starting with traditional upright adult tricycles, we have continued to expand our offerings to newer models, different designs, and even electric trikes. In our experience, other websites and blogs might not always give enough detail to really help people make an informed decision and don’t give you perspective of how the various types of tricycle compare with each other. We want you to feel absolutely confident that you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision when it comes to your next (or first) tricycle purchase.

Contact Us

Have questions related to Adult Tricycles? Need to know what kind of tricycle you should buy? Want to contribute to our mission here at Adult Tricycles Pro? Let us know by filling out our contact form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Since we’re such a small staff, we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to respond to all e-mails. Sorry!